How Can I Change Driver's License Address without Proof of Address?
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How can I change my address on my driver's license if I don't have the proof of address that the BMV requires?

I have roommates, and none of the utilities are in my name so I don't have a bill. I am self-employed, so I do not have a pay stub. Is there an easy way to officially prove that I live where I live?

(I am in Indiana, if that matters.)
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some government offices will take cellphone or bank statements made out to your address in lieu of the usual utilities, did you try those?
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Best answer: Any "official" mail sent in your name to your new address should suffice. Bank statements, credit card bills, car insurance statements, etc. The Indiana BMV website doesn't delineate specific documents beyond:
"If your address has changed, you will need to present proof of your current address. A primary or secondary document may be used to provide proof of address as long as the document shows your correct name and address."
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I'm in CA, but in the last ten years, every time I've moved they've simply told me to write my name and address on a piece of paper and carry that around with my driver's license. Easy but ridiculous, YMMV.

FYI, I've also had to fill out the MV paperwork, they just refuse to issue a new license.
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Best answer: Thorzad has it - and here's a list of the primary and secondary documents he mentions.

A recent bank statement should suffice.
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Conjure up a least. There are lots of lease templates on the intarweb.
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Least? Lease. Sorry.
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It's often easier to obtain or renew US passports than it is to get or change state drivers licenses. You may be able to get a passport with your correct address, which your DMV should accept as proof of your new address. Doesn't make much sense, but it works sometimes.
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Oh wait, a passport doesn't have your address in it. Nevermind!
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Worst worst case, get a doctor, dentist, vet, some legit business send you a billing statement. I'm in Maryland and used a billing statement from my moving company (that they mailed me) to establish my address with the motor vehicle folks.
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