Does Obama / McCain slash fiction exist?
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Does Obama / McCain slash fiction exist? If so, where can I find it and what are the major themes in the genre?

I know it must be out there - Obama McCain real person fiction. I imagine something like a rehash of the Kirk/Spock genre, where the maverick is tamed, or the soft spoken rational guy learns to cut loose. I know real people fiction is sometimes considered taboo in the slash fiction world, but surely I'm not the first person to wonder about this unlikely pairing.
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Best answer: OK, I seriously went and looked this up, because the concept is Googling "obama mccain slash fanfic" came up with a LiveJournal community called "polifics," which looks like a veritable treasure trove of creepy/awesome fan fiction about the 2008 election cycle.

Here's the link. And an excerpt:

"John knew he was in trouble the minute he walked through the door and saw the smirk. Barack's smirk. It was one thing when Johnny smirked, because he did happily and often; but when it was Barack, it was another thing altogether..."
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Response by poster: I LOVE IT! Thank you! This will make the week leading up to the election just fly by.
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I have authored some Obama/Dinosaur slash fiction that you might enjoy.
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Response by poster: Again, more love for the fanfic! (A word that I forgot to use in my searches and ended up with bland public policy debates.) I figured since both candidates have been condensed down to larger than life archetypes (much like the boy bands) there would have to be some good stuff out there. And you have all delivered!
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