XP Utility for Batch File Management (File Moves, or Multiple Copies)?
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I know there are batch renaming utilities, but I'm looking for a more general batch-file management tool. I'm in the middle of a big job that involves all sorts of renaming and rearranging of file / folder structures. For instance, I have a hundred folders, each of which contains a subfolder called Images. Within Images, there are three jpegs. I need to delete the Images folders but not the jpegs. The jpegs need to be moved up-one-level into the main folders. Another task involved copying a single html file into all 100 folders. This is all using WinXP.
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You might want to invest some time and learn a scripting language...these general purpose file system mucking about are the kinds of tasks they excel at.

XP has (or should have, it's been a while) vbScript/Windows Scripting Host built in. There are also single click installations of perl and php out there for windows.
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Power Renamer XP
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cygwin + bash scripting is the pay now/profit later solution. but you won't pay that much, or become that rich.
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I agree with Andrew. I think this work for the example you mentioned, and it would likely work without modification under cygwin:

find -name images -type d -exec sh -c 'mv {}/* {}/.. ; rmdir {}' \;
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matlab could probably do all that if you happen to have that and know it well
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I bet you could write a killer Half-Life mod to do it as well.
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