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I need some recommendations for daily comic strips to read

I've checked the old threads and found one thread that led me to some good stuff.

But, alas, that thread seemed to be filled with comics that were not to my taste. Plus, the thread is over 3 years old. Surely new stuff has come out since then.

My favorite comic strips in the past and present are as follows:
Calvin and Hobbes
Bloom County
Doonesbury (especially the Uncle Duke character)
My Filing Technique is Unstoppable (except for the excessive cursing)
Dilbert (Dogbert's my fav)

I'm looking for comics with a quirky point of view and an edgy sense of humor. I'm not big into sci-fi, gaming, or fantasy, so a lot of those might be out. I'm not closing myself off to such comics, but they would have to be really outstanding for me to get into them.

Also, I don't want to limit myself to webcomics. If there are nationally syndicated or paper-only strips out there that you think I might like, please recommend them too.

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Hmmmm... it can be a bit hit or miss sometimes, but Nemi can be quite amusing in a quirky kind of way... have a skip back through the archive and see what you think...
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The other list hits a lot of may current distractions (Penny Arcade, Cat and Girl, Girls with Slingshots, Questionable Content). Print media online that I like are Non Sequitur and Get Fuzzy. As for the not-so-dailies on the web: Patches is really weird, and updated a few times a week, while The Abominable Charles Christopher is very artsy, but it's only updated once a week.
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Foxtrot is sort of geeky, but it appeals to me in the same way that Calvin and Hobbes did, and that Dilbert still does.
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I'm quite fond of Pearls Before Swine.
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Response by poster: I used to read Foxtrot as well, but it felt that after a while, the situations started getting recycled. I mean, how many times can we see Peter messing up at athletics and Paige kissing the Frenchman in her dreams?

Thanks for the suggestions so far! Keep 'em coming.
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I like Sinfest.
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Oops, should have read first. How about this one...Not From Concentrate
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Best answer: My regular reads:

Real Life
Dork Tower
Penny Arcade
Awkward Zombie (updates weekly)
Freefall (MWF)
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Daisy Owl. Everyone I've shown it to loves it. It's very quirky and whimsical, a little like Calvin and Hobbes.
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It sounds like you'd enjoy a Boondocks or La Cucaracha if you're into Bloom County and Doonesbury. I think Boondocks is funnier and more to the point, but La Cucaracha's not bad either.
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I'm a big fan of Frazz.
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Cul de Sac! I think it's a worthy successor to Calvin & Hobbes.
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It's only 2x/week (Tue & Fri) but I'm liking a lot of Wondermark. Unique styling and odd sense of humor.
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F minus -- you will thank me later.
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Response by poster: I forgot to mention, but I absolutely love Perry Bible Fellowship. Gurewitch is a modern genius.
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In my opinion, Zippy the Pinhead is the best daily comic strip of the last 25 or 30 years. Griffith is the modern Herriman.
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If you have any interest in music, you might like my webcomic, Nowhere Band. It's pretty local-band-o-centric; but I'm coming from a place of liking (and being annoyed by) a lot of the same things as you, so maybe it'd be to your taste.
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i really like watch you head and brewster rocket
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I collected a bunch a few months back in my Top 10 Twisted Comics of the Web, but then again, youd have to be a bit left-of-center to enjoy these.
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Least I Could Do
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Whoops, forgot Edible Dirt
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I think Sally Forth is a surprisingly good newspaper comic.
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Mutts is/are great, and Red and Rover has a lot in common with C&H. I second the recommendations for Brewster Rockit and Zippy.

I found my current favorite comic thru BoingBoing - Adam Koford's Laugh-Out-Loud Cats. The Cats are clever and well-drawn sons of the great 1920s Krazy Kat.

There's a book due next year, with Introduction by John "PC" Hodgman. No connections - I just love it and hope it gets in a newspaper before the last one shuts down.
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Best answer: Basic Instructions- has me laughing alot.
Frazz- for that C & H sensibility.
Rhymes With Orange- my most quoted.
Mr. Boffo- once had 2 guys in togas looking at this giant face down in the dirt. "You would think someone that good with a slingshot would be quicker on his feet."
The Pain -- When Will It End?
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Nice thread! I've been enjoying the excellently-drawn PVPOnline, Ctr-Alt-Delete, and The Other Coast lately.
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Pictures for sad children is pretty freaking sweet.
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Monty is pretty fantastic. As for webcomics, Dustinland , xkcd, and Questionable Content are great places to start.
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Omigosh! I forgot to add Medium Large to the awesome webcomic list!
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Lio and Bizarro
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What about Achewood?
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You could read my comic strip, Loose Parts. I'll even be happy to talk to you about it. Oh, and you can't beat Lio. And F Minus.
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Yeah, I was gonna say... I was shocked no one had mentioned Achewood yet... that's the best thing since sliced bread.
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Try Scarygoround
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Pearls Before Swine is my favorite of the newer comics.
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Best answer: Pearls Before Swine is an absolute absolute MUST
Get Fuzzy
Non Sequitur
Basic Instructions
Medium Large
Dinosaur Comics
This Modern World
Savage Chickens
Circle Versus Square
XKCD - another absolute MUST
Questionable Content
Ballard Street
Cow and Boy is like a hyper-intellectual Calvin & Hobbes
Pardon My Planet
Mows is a webcomic with some very adorable silly cats
Inane Blabbering is a recent find
Urf doesn't update very often but is hilarious
Head in the Clouds is a new comic that I'm enjoying quite a bit

I use comicalert.com to get an rss feed of a lot of the newspaper syndicated comics and the site has a decent recommendation service, where if you add Dilbert, it will give you a list of a dozen other comics you might also like. Hope you enjoy!!

(and thanks for the thread - I'll definitely be checking out some of the other suggestions above)
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Neither updates as often as I would prefer, but I like:

- IrkWorks

- Webdisaster
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