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What is there to do in Hampton Roads on election night?

I'm looking for something fun to do on election night while finding out the results of this historic election. I am an Obama supporter, so I'd like to go somewhere that would be welcome (i.e., somewhere democratic or with a pretty even mix). Bars are fine, but while I am of legal drinking age, one or more of the people I'll be with won't be, so preferably somewhere 18 and up. I live in Chesapeake (South Norfolk area), so I have no intention of going through any tunnels -- Chesapeake, Norfolk, or Virginia Beach only please! People's private homes are fine, although only if I'm welcome and guests are too. (:

Really, I have no idea where to go or where to find out about this kind of thing. Not many people that I know are as excited about this election as I am, and I'm not even sure where stuff like this would be advertised. (I checked va.barackobama.com but it only had one event listed with absolutely no details.)

Any ideas, my fellow Mefites? Heck, maybe I'll even see a couple of you there. :D
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There is an event at the Granby Theater in Norfolk. Anyone can come but it requires an RSVP and may fill up soon, I forwarded the email to your gmail acct.
posted by eileen at 6:44 PM on October 27, 2008

I'd like this email too please. Maybe a backup plan should be made also.
posted by waraw at 7:20 AM on October 28, 2008

can i get that email too? was just wondering what to do for election night too.
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Just sent it to the emails in your profiles! :)
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I have yet to hear from these people. Perhaps a backup plan, bonfire at my place in Chesapeake?
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If its still open shoot me that email too, I think I can peel myself away from Stewart and Colbert to celebrate a win for the country.
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i RSVP'd as well, and haven't heard anything either. bonfire sounds like a cool backup plan. a premeetup meetup of sorts.
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Still haven't heard back, therefore I'll have bonfire on Tuesday at my place in de 'peake (10 mins or so from downtown Nfk) starting at 8pm. Television, coffee and bonfire are provided, BYOB, clothing required. MeMail me for directions.
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Since the Granby Theatre thing does not appear to be happening (or RSVP'ing as it were), and will most likely rain on Tuesday so the bonfire is a no-go, feel free to pop in at Red Dog on Colley Avenue. They have several televisions, of which I am sure one will be displaying the results, and good beer on draft.
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