MBTA musical chairs - Why does my train home come to the wrong platform?
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Why does the MBTA Worcester/Framingham CommuterRail trains switch from the inbound tracks to the outbound tracks between certain hours?

Okay, so the explanation is this:

"Trains scheduled to depart from South Station between 4:27 PM and 6:30 PM will operate on the traditional "inbound" track. In this same time period, inbound trains will operate on the traditional "outbound" track as part of our efforts to minimize service delays.

Customers using Wellesley Farms, Wellesley Hills, Wellesley Square, Natick, West Natick and Framingham stations are impacted by this action."

How does this minimize service delays? Can anyone enlighten me on the nuances of the MBTA Purple Line system?
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I'm guessing that service is required on the traditional outbound track - and since 430 to 630 is your boston-to-burbs rush hour, it makes more sense to run those trains on the clear track, and switch the less popular and frequent burbs-to-boston trains to the track that's experiencing delays.
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The MBTA doesn't own that line, CSX does. Their freight trains take priority over commuter traffic. I imagine it has something to do with regularly scheduled freight traffic going in one direction or the other during those hours.
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