OS X or Web-Based Invoicing Software with Multiple Currencies and Billing Units?
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I'm looking for software to help me with invoicing--OS X or web-based. I have some picky requirements [more inside]

For the most part, I don't need anything fancy: I'm a freelancer providing a service, so I don't need to worry about inventory or any material goods. Where it gets tricky is that I need to be able to invoice different clients in different currencies, and in different work increments (none of which are time-based: I charge by the word, basically, though it would be interesting to chart income against time spent on a job). What I want is to be able to set up client records and job cards, and have it spit out monthly invoices and periodic reports for me.

So far I haven't found anything that fills the bill. I've looked at iWork and it seems pretty nice, but doesn't support multiple currencies. I'd be happy to use something that worked through a web interface, and I can manage installing scripts and MySQL databases. I'd code my own up if my PHP skills weren't so rudimentary.
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SQL Ledger is a web based application and from what I understand, rivals the big accounting packages. It might be overdose.

There's Accounts for OS X which seems to fit the bill.
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