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GameReviewFilter: Any "Zero Punctuation"-like game reviewers out there?

I like Zero Punctuation. Really like it. I like the sharp, dark humor that Yahtzee injects into his video reviews, which are hilarious to watch (also, his avatar is damn cute), and he's not afraid to rip apart great games and not-so-great games. Sure, maybe he nitpicks too much and ignores the big picture of a great game, but I don't care. I watch for sheer enjoyment.

So who else out there got the balls and humor to rip apart GTA4, MGS4, and other big-name, big-bucks games? They don't have to talk fast, just need a fantastic sharp sense of humor. Video reviews are best, though I accept other media (articles, webcomics, etc.).

(P.S. - Don't mention Penny Arcade, Ctrl-Alt-Del, VGCats, or other super-popular game webcomics.)
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You might enjoy Noah Antwiler's videos. They're not really reviews, closer to rants (but not really). He plays a game and shares his frustrations. If you need a place to start, I suggest watching the one about The Thing.
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Youtube's ashens reviews cheap knockoff electronics and games. While he dosen't review mainstream stuff, I think his dry (and british) humor and clever presentation are what you're after.
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Action Button is usually pretty sharp, if a bit hard-to-look at.
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Have you seen the parody review where someone reviewed a game that Yahtzee created in his style? The Art of Theft
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I would say AVGN, but you have to like words I can't type at work. He mostly reviews crappy games from days gone by, and I rather like his style. Not for everyone though.
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Perhaps you'll enjoy reading Old Man Murray's reviews as well, although they are all written a number of years ago, so don't expect anything recent there.
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