Hanging Pots from Ductwork
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We want to hang our pots and pans from the HVAC ductwork on our kitchen. We're thinking strong magnetic hooks. [mi]

The hooks sold at the local Home Despot look too flimsy. There was a MetaFilter thread on strong magnets, but there are no hooks on the magnets site; since our pots are mostly aluminum, magnets alone won't work. These look pretty good, but I'm wondering if there's a solution I'm overlooking.
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not knowing the specifics of the ductwork, might it be cleaner looking/more stable to build a simple metal structure around it (with scrap iron for example)?
i don't know how heavy the pots but then you could have pegs, hooks and magnets without a sudden something causing it to move/break-- just a thot

i have seen superstrong magnets cheap on ebay in large lots (would split if interested) and making a square hole (depending on magnet) to fit in the mount of the hook (like sturdy plastic) would work.
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what about using bungie cords (the car kind) with the hook already there? I'm assuming that the ducts are completely exposed and you can get them all the way around. You could even color coordinate.
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i mentioned the above as I can see/hear (in my mind) the pots constantly falling off the ducts with the magnet idea.
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I would be more concerned with the strength of the ductwork and its connections to your house's structure. It's hard to give specific advice about this without being there in person, but you may want to look into this.
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