I'm not going to burn my house down, right?
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I bought an Ikea Kassett cardboard box with drawers, and have rigged the bottom drawer for a power strip, top for my mobile gadgets power station-style. Is this a fire hazard?

Neither the power strip nor the plugs seem to heat up, if that helps. The material of the box is thick cardboard. Thanks in advance.
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If the power strip ever does overheat, as with a short circuit where the breaker fails to trip, then yes, it would be a fire hazard. Paper (cardboard) catches fire pretty easily.
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I wouldn't do this. Overheating may happen when something fails, even if everything seems cool now, like zippy says. Also, I may be wrong but I think a loose plug in a power strip may produce heat/ sparks, you don't want this happening in a cardboard box.
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Just me, but I wouldn't worry about it. Electricity doesn't just jump out of the sockets. You might for fun just put a thermometer in each drawer and make sure it doesn't get above 120-130 degrees or so when charging so it doesn't damage the electronics.
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How about cutting some ventilation holes in the back or sides? Just to increase air flow. And seconding JackFlash's idea about checking the temperature!
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I can't find them on the Ikea site, but I know that in the store I've seen similarly-price lacquered metal boxes with drawers. That would be a lot safer.
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