Sex Pistols signing?
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Is this really Sex Pistols' drummer, Paul Cook's autograph?

An acquaintance recently purchased a copy of the Big Issue from a seller in Finchley Road. Said seller then claimed to be Sex Pistols' drummer, Paul Cook, stating that he was selling the Big Issue for larks and giving the money to other sellers, before insisting on signing the mag. There are further pictures of the autograph here and here. Comparisons with stuff on the web (here and here) are, to my mind, inconclusive. The acquaintance also claims that the seller looked enough like Paul Cook to not rule it out. So can anyone confirm the truth or otherwise of this unlikely tale?
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I've met Paul Cook a few times, he's a pretty unassuming guy. He's got a good life and seems content to play drums with friends, regardless of commercial possibilities and seems to like a beer at the pub and a casual chat. We've talked about music a lot and, well, my take on the Sex Pistols is that there isn't much more to be said. The subject of Paul's own career only came up when I asked him directly about working with Vic Godard . . . and even then, all of his comments were about Vic, not Paul. I'd be a little surprised that he'd ever introduce himself as the Sex Pistols' drummer unprovoked, and I suspect that he could come up with better ways of amusing himself. Still, this isn't conclusive proof . . . but the fact that he wrote "Sex Pistols" under his name discredits the fellow's claim entirely. Bear in mind also that a Paul Cook autograph isn't probably worth more than about five pounds on its own.
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A former sex pistol? giving away money instead of taking it? seems unlikely.
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