Chrome hates MeFi comments
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Why doesn't Google Chrome work properly with anchors, and how do I make it do so?

I am in general very happy with Google Chrome, and like it better than Firefox in most ways. However, opening new tabs to anchors (specific comments in Metafilter, for instance) is constantly fucking up. Instead of going immediately to the anchor like Firefox does, it positions itself on the newly opened page more or less randomly, as far as I can tell, though it seems to open pages close to the bottom more often than not. I have to reload the tab to get it to jump to the anchor properly. If I don't try to open anchors in a new page, they work fine.

Is there something I'm doing wrong here? Is there something in the settings that could fix this? Or is it just a bug or imperfection in Chrome's programming? It's starting to seriously irritate me.
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it happens to me too.

Also every few days it decides to forget all my cookies.

And I have flash problems.

I have no idea why I'm still using it actually.
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Best answer: Chrome is still in beta. There's still lots of little bugs and missing features (exporting bookmarks, eg.). It still only works in one OS. I just (re)checked, and I can't find a place to report glitches and request features, so they must feel pretty sure that when the 1.0 rolls out it'll work right. For now there's still work to be done, I guess.
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I have some issues too, although they are more basic features issues. I also have occasional cookie issues. Certain sites repeatedly go to much older versions when I refresh the page. Weird actually. While I really want to like Chrome and use it primarily, I just cannot yet.
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Best answer: I can't find a place to report glitches and request features

Here's a nice landing page on bugs. For some reason they've decided to call the project Chromium and the Google build Chrome.

So if Chrome is bugging you, the only real option is to report the bug if you want it fixed. However, they have 2 thousand open bug reports, even when intelligent people like carsonb can't find the reporting system. I wouldn't get my hopes up.
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As a follow up, here's a list of potential bugs already reported:
Issue 619: Anchor Links not always opening properly

Issue 2492: links to named destination anchors not handled correctly when opened in a new tab

So to answer the question, yes it's a fuckup in Google Chrome.
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I use beta software (and sometimes pre-alpha) on my laptop, because I like some of the new features not currently present in the production versions. But it's a crapshoot, because that software is incomplete, has known bugs, and many glitches that have not even been reported to the development team yet. That's what the alpha and beta tags used to mean, but Google uses them differently in some cases. Things like GMail that have the beta tag forever have kind of undermined Google's attempt to release real, actual beta software, because GMail works fine (so we expect Google "beta" to mean "production-ready") while other stuff is really, actually beta software (in the original sense) for testing purposes and not production use.
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seconded...I've seen the anchor problem as well...kinda driven me batty on otherwise piece of software that I have enjoyed using.
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Response by poster: Welp, I guess that answers that. Thanks, guys.
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I see all the problems above; but keep with it because it's so damn fast, especially at launching.
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