Help diagnose/cure my yogic back pain.
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Sharp back (coccyx) pain when doing yoga or working out but no other time.

When I go from Plank to Downward Dog in Yoga (or hold DD for any amount of time) I feel very sharp pain in my lower back/spine/coccyx. It's brutally painful and feels more skeletal than muscular--I'm now terrified of the position and no longer do it.

I visited my doctor but it didn't happen while there.

It seems to mostly happen the further I am into a workout.

Anyone know why this is or what I can do about it? Some instructors have suggested it's a weak core but I can do about 60 pushups and over 100 situps so I find that suspicious. Plus it's not a weakness feeling but a sharp-knife-in-my-back pain, which also doesn't make me think "weakness".
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See a physio therapist, and don't be afraid to shop around until you find one that works for you. I see no mention of your age here. Roundabout the time I turned thirty, I suddenly started picking up all manner of pains and minor and major self-inflicted athletic injuries. Very frustrating and physio therapy was a big help.

Good luck.
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Response by poster: Thanks.

I'm 40 and male, btw.
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I would too suggest PT. Sounds like a bulging disc. I used to get a sharp pain like that while doing cobra or uppard facing dog. I should have started PT much sooner. It is turned into a a huge mess which I hope you avoid.
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It doesn't quite sound like coccydynia, but this site ( might still be useful.
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Did you ever bruise your tailbone as a child? Or ever for that matter? I did when I was about 12, and I get very sharp pain in my tailbone at what seems like completely random times. I always just assumed it was associated with the injury. Perhaps this is the same for you.
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Go see an Orthopedist...they will probably recommend PT.
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Try not going into the pose as much as your flexibility allows, but only some of the way.
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This might be a nerve thing, possibly exacerbated by bulging discs. I mangled two of mine as a youngish gymnast and the consequences can be very far reaching. Could also be pinched by the activation of certain muscles. PT is fabuloso and will definitely increase your mobility. Kudos for yoga as well!

Good luck, fellow back-sufferer.
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