What is this pc game?
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What is this old computer game that was a top-down open space shooter? Note: I am fairly confident it is not Escape Velocity.

I think this would have been about the mid-late 90's, for Windows--
It was an open space world, in which the entire map (vast) was mapped by two coordinates, vertical and horizontal. You had a standard space ship, and the game hinged upon missions which usually involved fighting, going to other areas designated by a planet to fight, etc. The things I remember vividly are: during a fight, you could allocate shield power to different areas on your ship (front, back), you could go into a hyperspace mode which was incredibly fast and necessary for long travel. Also, I remember the first cut-scenish thing after completing a certain mission had a hooded figure.
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Best answer: Sounds a lot like Solar Winds (download), but it was a DOS game. Are you misremembering the Windows part? I'm sure there are other possible games.
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Best answer: Solar Winds was my thought too.

Great game, by the way.
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The map and hyperspace mode make me think it might have been Star Control II.
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There was something called Shockwave, I think, that was a nearly identical copy of EV. There was also a similar FPS/flying shooter ship game that took place in a mine and it's name escapes me. it was huge post-Doom
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Response by poster: Definitely Solar Winds-- the ship and right side UI part jogged my memory. Thanks team!
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GilloD, you're probably thinking of Descent and if you aren't you should be because that game is fantastic.
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