I want my film listed on IMDb.
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I want my film listed on IMDb. I've tried and failed. The title gets lost in a dead letter office while I'm supposed to come up with "relevant information" without being told what information that could be.

My film is, of course, a low-budget horror movie that has never been screened nationally on television or at a film festival, but it has been shown over forty times around the country and is for sale online. I know of filmmakers who have their crappy movies listed on the site before they are even finished, so there must be something I can do.

This previous question didn't seem to yield a solution. Anyone have any ideas?
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Has it been reviewed? Shown in front of a paying audience? Can you provide IMDb with links to websites that prove these things? Apparently those are some of the criteria IMDB uses. - so sayeth my partner the director.

Also, I'm sure you've checked their FAQ, but just in case.
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My understanding is that much of the data in IMDB comes from anonymous industry spies. Perhaps ask your friends in the industry if they know anyone with an account?
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Yeah, get a Pro account for a month. Bonus: you'll have access to some interesting contact information for some pretty high-level people.
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Linking to a review or other online article usually does it. Also featuring other IMDB people who have credits seems to help. I'm a Pro subscriber too.
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