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Help me make the most of our trip to Cabo in December.

So we got a great deal on a 4-day/5-night trip to Cabo, staying at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifico over a weekend in late December between the holidays. I’m hoping to get any advice on things to see and do.

Additional info:
- We are a couple in our 30’s, we live together in the US and have been for over a year. Dating for several. No children, yes romance.
- I have never been south of the border, she has but not to Cabo.
- Me: generally aging hipster taste. Into photography (people and places mostly) and considering taking a FF Canon dSLR with a 24-70L lens for walk-around. Ok with outdoorsy stuff. Speak limited Spanish.
- Her: more outdoorsy and into wildlife, interested in horses with extensive background raising and riding. Speaks semi-fluent Spanish.
- Both of us: hardcore foodies with an interest in regional cuisine, not that into screaming tourist though willing to do so if what we’re doing is really cool. Want an equal mix of peace and quiet on the beach with active stuff and making the most of being somewhere different and new.

Please to recommend any guidebooks, great restaurants, places to check out, events of interest. Many thanks in advance.
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OMG! I stayed in the EXACT same place in March. It's beautiful and far away from downtown drunk-college-student Cabo, which is what we wanted.

The place itself is really nice and spa-like and they have pretty beds on the beach where you can get a massage (do it) or sleep if you want.
I think you should definitely get some kind of spa treatment, the spa is really nice.

You can take the shuttle to see the other hotels in the chain, but I thought that the Pacifico was by far the nicest. The one that is up the hill a little has the coolest pool- cliff-like infinity style, so that might be worth a visit.

You should go into Cabo during the day a few times to do some water sports since you can't do them on the Pacific side (water is too rough). We went parasailing (the concierge has all the info) and even though I am afraid of heights and flying, it was awesome and fun and relaxing.
You can take horseback rides on the beach not too far from the hotel, but we didn't do that.

You don't really need much if any Spanish to get around in Cabo since it is so resort-y. It's hard to find teh real local food in Cabo because of all the touristy places, but when we were wandering near the craft market one day we found a place had a tiny taco counter along with rugs and hammocks. You can get cactus tacos there which are really good.

Mostly, since the place was so nice and somewhat removed from town, we just hung out by the pools and ate in the circular restaurant (so much better than the little outdoor one). They have really good breakfasts and give you some photocopied NYT articles that I really appreciated.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the input rmless.. It sounds like the concierge is going to be a helpful resource. We had heard about visiting the other hotels but our sense was that this might be the nicest of them, and doing the hotel bounce was something we decided against. I think we want to investigate the city more instead..
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