Best way to get between Disneyland Paris and the Airport (CDG)
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We are planning our second trip to Disneyland Paris in a couple of weeks and are trying to figure out the best way to get between the airport (CDG) and Disneyland.

The two main options discussed in a previous thread around this topic recommended the RER or the VEA shuttle. The RER seems like a hassle with luggage having to change in Chatelet-Les-Halles. During our last Disneyland Paris trip we took the VEA shuttle and we did not enjoy it at all (having to leave 2.5 hours before check-in, unpredictable timing, long stops at the different hotels, crowded). We are therefore looking for alternatives.

One option that never seems to be mentioned anywhere is to take the TGV (train) from Chessy to CDG Terminal 2. It is fast (10 minutes), should be much more predictable than the shuttle or the RER and appears to cost the same as the bus. What are we missing here? Why is this not the preferred way to go?

One other option we are considering is to take a taxi - does anyone know how much this would cost, and how long?
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The RER won't be a problem with luggage from CDG to Chatelet. From Chatelet to Disney might be tricky if you hit rush hour, otherwise you should be fine. I'm assuming that you are traveling with carry on rolling bags. If you have several oldskool large suitcases, try to downsize first. Big bags on public transit aren't worth the trouble.

IIRC, a taxi from CDG to Paris is around 50 EUR, so my guess would be somewhere between 50 and 100 EUR to disney.

If you do take the RER, check to make sure that there isn't any maintenance scheduled the week you wan to travel. When I was last in Paris, the RER to Versailles was down for track work, so we had to take a subway and a long walk.
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I wonder if Goofyy meant lugging the luggage AROUND the Chatelet les Halles station, in which case, yeah, it's a huge pain in the ass.

There is some more information on the TGV and other options in this thread.
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We took the VEA shuttle from Sequoia Lodge to CDG when we were there last month and had no problems in terms of delays. It took about 35 minutes. But this was in the evening, with little traffic and few passengers. I didn't realise there was a direct TGV connection -- maybe they don't want people to know, as airport passengers might hog all the seats leaving those travelling on standing?

Oh and by the way, I'm not sure I understand the 'having to leave 2.5 hours before check-in' comment. Wouldn't you have to do this anyway, depending on where you're flying to?
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macdara: We did the VEA shuttle last time. It was very cramped and ran behind schedule. Disney urged people to leave 2.5 hours before check-in, not departure time. It just shouldn't have to be that bad. If you're on time, you're stuck at a horrible airport (and I speak as one who generally likes airports), waiting too long (and the lounge sucks, too).

I'll admit, we're possibly a bit spoiled, Zurich is a nice airport, and our old place in South Africa had an airport too small to be any hassle. Yet, never found Heathrow that bad, either. Otherwise, it's due to the luggage and a bum leg, that the RER is so unappealing.
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We did the VEA shuttle last time. It was very cramped and ran behind schedule. Disney urged people to leave 2.5 hours before check-in, not departure time. It just shouldn't have to be that bad.

You're right, of course. I read check-in as departure, silly me. I suppose it depends on the time of year, and you will be visiting at a very busy time. But there's no excuse for it taking that long.

And you're correct about CDG being horrible (€4 for a can of soda is ridiculous!). But Zurich isn't a nice airport for stop-over passengers either, especially since they removed all the seats from the walkway to the B gates (I speak from experience).
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Turns out you can book the TGV between the airport and Disneyland, in both direction. Sadly, due to illness (and bad weather) the trip had to be cancelled. We paid the premium price for the train tickets, so we could reschedule, and got a full refund. Only thing lost was some miles, for the flights.
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