Where can we go, what can we do? London!!
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What can I do this Saturday during the day and evening in London? Any ideas welcome, but looking for fun, lighthearted activities, or tips on cool places to stroll, eat, drink and chat.

More specifically, I'm taking out a recent female acquaintance of mine and am trying to think of how to make it a entertaining and nice day. We are coming in from the east, so more east central London would be ideal but I'm open to anything. About us, we are both 20 year old students, media and comp sci, into music, photography, film, being active and carefree!

Please fill my mind with some of your favorite spots to hang out, activities to do or places to visit. Thanks!!
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This has been asked, in various flavours, many times before. I'd particularly recommend the third thread down on that page, as it's a) recent and b) full of very cool things.
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The London Film Festival is on (Saturday's films).
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There's a competition involving Welsh Male Voice Choirs in the Albert Hall this weekend. (I know this isn't the east end, but believe me it is worth it). If you don't want to go to the actual concert, hang out in The Queens Arms pub, just around the corner. Most of the competitors end up going for a pint there anyway, and get into good natured competition in the packed bar - with seriously memorable results.
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don't miss the tate modern. also, two of my very favorite places in london are the imperial war museum and churchill's war rooms (its like stepping into a wes anderson movie).
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