Distant Education Recommendations? (esp ones that offer IT BA Programs)
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Distant Education Recommendations? (esp ones that offer IT BA Programs) I'm looking for any distance education that has teachers, councilors and staff that CARE. A program new or old that is high tech and streaming video feed of lectures would be nice. If you received some distance education that is worth mentioning and you've enjoyed it or even better you've done 2 different schools online. PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Thanks.

About ME:
I'm 27 working professional in SF, CA and looking to further my career in IT or Computer Science. My work pays for $5K annually for any educational purposes, I can afford maybe 7-8K annually without looking into loans. Low cost would be nice.

I've been to University of Phoenix and it was horrible. In 1 years time I had 6 different councilors and there's so much turmoil behind the scenes that it negatively affects the whole school. Plus its EXPENSIVE.
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You live in California? Your local city/community college offers courses, including online courses, for $20/credit. I've taken some Santa Barbara City College online classes and they were great.
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PS, you can take an online class at ANY California City College for $20/credit. Here's a list.
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My boss "attended" Troy University's E-campus for a BS in Applied Computer Science. He has had nothing but wonderful things to say about it, and I'm considering pursuing a degree there as well. He liked it enough that he continued on there for an MBA. Anecdotal evidence, I know... but worth looking into if you're set on online schooling.
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Response by poster: Nice, thanks for the replies. I just don't know who to even talk to about this stuff, every online school wants you to go there and sell you their school, at least the ones that I've called.

And community colleges don't offer BA degrees. At least I've never heard of that??
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