what's the name this game?
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is anyone familiar with this windows PC game circa 1996-1998?

i remember playing this game from a CD. it was maybe called mouse trap or rat trap. there were little mice/rats in various colors walking through this path (up some steps) on the screen. the object of the game was to place the mice in order by color. at various checkpoints (bottom of stairs, top of stairs, etc), you could switch the mouse with another color. the biggest score was putting the mice in ROYGBIV order. other ways to get points included several of the same colors in a row.

sound familiar?
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Did it have little turnpike things that let you grab the rats in a little bubble and release them from their bubble somewhere else?

It was in an old Win98 pack of games, which was later subsumed into an XP Plus! Entertainment Pak 1.0 Standard release. See this forum for more info.

Looks quite hard to find but it's probably not impossible, especially if you rummage around piratebay or something.
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Best answer: N.B. Sorry -- forgot to mention that it was called Rat Poker.
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Response by poster: thank you soooooo much! this has plagued me for several years now. it has a demo version. so i'll be playing that.
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