TexShop/Latex Templates for the Law
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TexShop and Me: templates for law students?

Pretty much what it says. Are there TexShop templates out there for law students writing law review articles, i.e. with BlueBook style formatting for bibliography entries/citation (guess I am talking about BibTex now) and such? Thanks. P.S. I am obviously a LaTex/TexShop newbie so please school me if this question don't make no sense.
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Well, this suggests some BibTex package called Camel. Do you have any formatting issues outside the bibliography?
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I must say, this is probably a bad idea. Bibtex gives me problems formatting things in the trivially simple chicago style author-date format. The madness of the bluebook? Better just to do it in word and let the fool subciters fix the problems.
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I will try Camel, to be honest I haven't worked with it long enough to see what other problems I have. Thanks for the suggestions.
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I'm a big fan of TeX, I'm a physics major and go to school at night, but during the day I do IT(-ish) work for a law firm and I've looked into this myself our of sheer curiosity and wasn't able to find anything really applicable to the legal field with TeX that would allow it to replace Word/WordPerfect/whatever.
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