Good iPhone workout log application?
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Good iPhone workout log application?

I am trying to find an iPhone application that would let me keep track of my workouts, preferably as I am doing them, and there's just too many in the store to make sense of. I'd like to be able to:

- Create custom workouts (weightlifting and cardio)
- Keep track of my weight
- Sync and backup to my computer / online service

I am fine with purchasing an app, so it doesn't have to be one of the free ones. If anyone has had any personal experiences with any of the apps and can recommend anything, it would be much appreciated!
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Best answer: It isn't an app, but I use with my iPhone. The iPhone version of the site makes it easy to update (it is easier to set up your workouts on your computer then when you're at the gym enter your reps/sets/weight. It also tracks foods and things like weight, body fat % and key measurement goals.

As long as you get EDGE, 3G or Wifi i the gym you're set I've been using it since before the App Store opened but it does everything I want it to do. However, if you work out in a place where you have no signal you'll have to use something else.
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Best answer: Gyminee Gyminee Gyminee Gyminee Gyminee!
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Response by poster: Gyminee seems perfect - thanks, guys!
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