Los Angeles family therapist?
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Family/Relationship Therapist in Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley area recommendations?

Anyone have a recommendation for a therapist in the Los Angeles/SF Valley area? My relationship with my parents has become somewhat rocky and I'd like us to see a therapist together to help work things out.
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You might try http://therapists.psychologytoday.com/rms/cities/losangeles-Therapists.html
to find someone who specializes in family therapy. If you have health insurance, you can probably get a list on their web site or on the phone. Then you can google the therapist to find more about their approach and their specialties.

It's hard to give a specific recommendation; therapy can be just as much about personality as it is about the therapist's credentials and experience.

Choose a few who are convenient to you (after all, if you go weekly or every other week, you don't want to travel really far). Call several of them. They'll call you back and do a brief intake, asking you questions and such. That's when the two of you can decide if you think it's a good fit.

Best of luck.
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Cathy Smith (who also happens to be my aunt, in interest of full disclosure) is a really amazing therapist. I've never met someone more empathic, thoughtful, or caring in the way they practice therapy. She is a psychologist in South Pasadena who works with couples and families. I also believe she has a sliding scale in case you or your family is uninsured.

That said, unless you live within 30 minutes of South Pasadena, I'd suggest you find someone a little closer to home. LA/SF Valley is pretty big, and even if you and your parents start out with the best intentions, it will be easy to start canceling/missing appointments when you have to drive a long ways to get to them.

Prepare for finding a therapist who works well with all of you to be an interview process- it may take a few initial visits until you find someone with whom you are comfortable. Allow yourself the freedom of deciding, after even a few visits, that it just isn't working out. There are a LOT of great therapists out there, and I'm certain you will find one that clicks with you.

Good luck!
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