Is Tequila Jungle 21+?
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Lubbock, TX Filter: Info. about Tequila Jungle?

I'm planning to see The Mountain Goats on the 31st in Lubbock at a venue called Tequila Jungle. However, I'm running into a large problem:

I'm only eighteen and I'm afraid the show will be 21+. On top of that, I'm currently going to college in Santa Fe and plan to drive out to see them . . . and I'd (as you might guess) hate to get there and find out that I'm not old enough to see them.

I've scoured the internet for any contact information for this venue, but all I can find is an address. Does anyone know a phone number for this place, or know what their age limits are?

Thanks so much.
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I found on Front Gate Tickets that some of their other shows are all ages, so I would assume they would be all ages all of the time. Most venues don't seem to change their restrictions (except some in Austin during SXSW, but that's not going to be an issue in Lubbock).
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At the risk of being obvious, have you tried calling information? Sometimes they have phone numbers that I haven't been able to find online.
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Found it! (505) 764-8887‎
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Yep... a quick search for "Tequila Jungle Lubbock" on Google maps turns up the phone number. Pretty easy to pick up the phone and get the answers you're after from there.
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