Help me identify an obscure video game from the early 90s!
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An old RTS game from the early 90s, took place in space. Controlled mother ship, collected blobs of stuff. More info inside.

Anyone know the name of a game that was released around... well 1994 - 1996. (I think, give or take 2 years. Sorry.)

I'll list what I can remember about it.

It was a RTS, 4 playable races and took place in space.

You had to gather globs of coloured stuff using a mother ship. The mother ship was directly controllable, and had some kind of detached arm or probe thing that would do the gathering. The thing would basically roam out, attach on a glob and pull it back. The globs were purple, blue, red and something else. The blue blobs looked like 2 fused orbs (I think) and the purple blobs were spiky star like things (I think).

The races would either control drones, take over other units or do something else I couldn't remember. The colour of the races were red, purple, blue (I think) and something else. (yellow, maybe?)

You could built turrets and I think some drones would take over other players turrets.

This was not a 3d game, played well in SVGA. I remember it came out as a demo on an old PC gamer demo CD.

Any hints? This has been bugging me for literally 10 years. Thanks MF!
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Hmm, sounds a little like the Master of Orion series.
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Response by poster: Nope, unfortunately it's not Master of Orion.

Another hint I can remember:

The mother ship of the purple race looked kind of like.. well, a metroid.

The resources were usually in huge clumps. I wish I could remember more info.
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It doesn't really ring any bells for me, but here's a fairly comprehensive list of PC sci-fi strategy games; if you can remember what year it was, maybe it can be useful?
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Response by poster: I wish I could remember the year as well.

I looked though that list one by one as well, no mention of the game. The game may not have made it past the demo stages, but I don't know.

I know it was, at one point, pretty hot stuff though. The demo came on a demo CD released by PC Gamer back in the day.
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Response by poster: tomcooke:

Nope. Took place in space. The background was black/stars.

You started the game with only a mother ship. Sounds kinda like Homeworld, but it's not.
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Best answer: Star Command: Revolution? Here's your metroid.
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Hmm... is it Warpath?
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Response by poster: tomcooke, you're awesome. Thank you soooo much.

After 10 years I can rest easy.
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