Recommendations for iTunes replacement software with excellent built-in podcast handling capabilities.
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Looking for suggestions for a piece of software that I can use to manage my largish mp3 collection, edit tags for these files, use to transfer them to and fro from an iPod nano and which handles podcasts very well.

One of those jukebox like programs, that is. Free and open-source would be ideal but are not absolute requirements with the only restriction being that it be not a resource hog.

I tried the most current version of WinAmp and it seems it's become extremely bloated. It took ages to load and even then was very sluggish when it came to using it. The only other similar piece of software I've come across is MediaMonkey, which I'm trying out at the moment and while its much faster than WinAmp, it's not doing a great job with podcasts

What other software should I be looking at?

And as an aside, does WinAmp have an option/plugin to handle OPML files? I couldn't find one.

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I use Amarok but from what I know only certain types of iPods. You could also try Songbird, I've heard other open source users say they've had better luck running iPods on this.
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I forgot to mention that I'm on WinXP.
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I had songbird on my old Mac - is there no windows version of it? I've never actually owned anything powered by Microsoft. Look around.
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Sorry, this doesn't answer your question as a whole, but I like mp3tag for dealing with, well, tags.
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I used MediaMonkey before my iPhone forced me into iTunes. They have both a free and paid version.

On re-read: Ah, you're already trying that. Unfortunately I can't help you w/ the podcast issue; I've always managed mine manually.
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Why isn't iTunes in this conversation? I know it's sluggish in Windows, but what isn't these days?
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I suggest RockBox.
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sacrifix: RockBox looks interesting but it doesn't support the 3rd Gen iPod Nano, which is what I have.
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Why not iTunes?
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I've had a lot of people recommend the Zune software, since you don't actually have to have a Zune to use it.
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iTunes slows my system to a crawl. That's the main reason I'm seeking an alternative. Plus I'm not a big fan of its UI.
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Make sure you try the newest iTunes before throwing it away. I have heard some people remark on great speed improvements. I can't tell the diff -- I put up with so-so performance because I like the features.
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Eags On! is a great program for retagging mp3s.
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jRiver MediaJukebox is another pretty good one, but I've found that I much prefer MediaMonkey. What exactly do you not like about the way MediaMonkey handles podcasts? It took a little dialing in, but it I'm pretty happy with it now.

@cgg: MediaMonkey is working on support for v2 of the iPhone software.
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