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I am looking for hotel/inn with a great indoor pool within a couple hours from SMACK DAB (near Worcester) in the center of Massachusetts.

I just want a weekend get away with baby where they can play in a pool and the hotel is nice and is hopefully off season so it's cheap!
I know there used to be lots of places like this at Cape Cod but I am guessing the ones I knew are old and rundown now....

Anybody have any suggestions??
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Best answer: SO and I spent a weekend at the John Carver Inn in Plymouth recently. Very fun indoor pool with a slide! And right in the heart of Plymouth, which is pretty much the tops for walking around type fun.
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while it's not the center of fun or cool, The Southbridge Conference Center does have a pool, and is usually completely deserted (because it is Southbridge after all).

If it's more than just a hotel getaway that you want, I'd say just drive down Rt 28 on the Cape and look for a motel with an indoor pool. Several of them do have them.
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