When Intuitive = Bad
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How do you search for a story in Google News when one of the parties involved in the story is a news outlet?

Suppose I wanted to find a story about executives from Fox News eating babies.

Typing Fox News "baby eating" or Fox News "baby eating" just gives me stories from Fox News about how Barrack Obama eats babies.

Is there a way to stop it from assuming I want stories from a news source when I want stories about a news source?

(This has been asked previously at the Google Help Forum, but not answered. The hive mind can surely do better!)
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I'm not sure I understand your problem. Google News doesn't seem to do that for me at all. For example here are the results for " "fox news" eating babies". The results seem to be from other news outlets talking about Fox News.
posted by peacheater at 8:40 AM on October 9, 2008

Yes, there is a way. You just need to add -source to the string, like:
"fox news" "baby eating" -source:"fox news"
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Thanks milkrate, it's working for me now.
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Yeah, it seems to do this automatically but if you want to get fancy you can use advanced news search, type your search terms in the top box, and select "in the body of the article" from the occurrences drop-down menu at the bottom.
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