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Looking for freelance translation/editing resources

Hi all!

I am researching the field of freelance translation and/or editing but a cursory google brings up lots of agency stuff and empty websites.

Can anyone recommend any good resource sites about editing and/or translation with busy message boards, up to date info and advice - sites that are used by professionals and are not just full of questions from newbies about starting out? (Although that's helpful too. :-)) A previous answer brought up www.proz.com, which is fantastic - are there any other sites like it?

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American Translators Association
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Some of the various language divisions have their own newsletters and yahoo groups - so maybe not exactly message boards on site, but some sort of info and advice flow is going on.
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The big daddy of translation-related mailing lists is LANTRA-L. It's mostly focused on European languages, I think, and because of the diversity of languages, subjects, etc, it's got an elaborate subject-line protocol.

I get the impression that most translation discussions are on mailing lists oriented towards a specific language pair.

There are also a bunch of translation-oriented blogs out there. Here's a few:

Sorry, too lazy to link all of them. Anyhow, you'll see still other translators commenting in those blogs, and will be able to connect to the community that way.
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CĂ©line Graciet's blog Naked Translations (in both English and French) has a good list of resources too.
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Would you take a busy mailing list populated by professionals rather than a forum? If so, Copyediting-L is what you want for the freelance editing side of things. I don't know about the translations, but I bet someone there would point you in the right direction.
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Seconding PY. I've had success with finding translators through ATA's website. There aren't any message boards, but the ATA-certified are good at what they do.
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Thanks - all bookmarked!
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