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It shouldn't have been done, but now it is.... and I hope I don't have to recreate it - A friends site was created in Publisher, not by me. They asked me to get it on the web for them. They gave it to me on DVD it was 900MB. I simply did a file- save as...webpage. At that point it was 500MB. Then I deleted all of the .wmz files and oledata.mso - and uploaded the page. It's viewable in firefox well, but none of the graphics show up in IE. I don't get it... I'm sure it's cause I didn't upload the wmz and the oledata but it works in Firefox, so I know the files are there. Do I have to rebuild this site from scratch?
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Is it possible to provide a URL to the site in question? I'm not familiar with Publisher and how it exports to HTML, but having a peek at the site may lead to an answer.
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500 MB is fine for a long as it is 10,000 pages of content.

sounds like the images aren't being webinated properly by the save-as function.
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i've seen many instances of failed webination due to overmodulated TCP/IP ports, you might check to make sure the 10dB port boost is disabled.
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Shush, Quonsar.
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How do I shot web?
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After deleting the .wmz files and oledata.mso, it took the page down to 30MB... So the site itself is not huge... it's just the windows metadata that is. I'd expect it not to work at all, or work in just IE, without the extra files, but not the other way around. Here's the site in question.

Once again. it works properly in firefox, but not IE.
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Ok. So it works in IE but no purdy pictures...

All I can say is the HTML auto-generated is some nasty shite. The W3C validator agrees (79 errors).

Probably FireFox manages to ignore the errors, whereas (GASP!) IE is too dumb to work around them.
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For what it's worth I tried removing the following tags from around the header image:
[if !vml] blahblahblah [endif]

That seemed to work, though that was a local copy so that may just be a fluke.

By the way I'm sure you know that using gif's for images like that is a bad idea. I guess you're stuck with it?
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They were mega large jpgs to begin with. Publisher converted them to gifs. Was hoping that I didn't have to rebuild the pages.... I wouldn't have chose Publisher to do the authoring, was just hoping it was easier to publish... Thanks for the help.
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As dodgygeezer discovered, it's almost certainly those pesky IE-specific conditional comments that are breaking the images. If you tried stripping those out then you'll at least have the same html being rendered for both browsers.
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