Don't you hate when they say plug and play? PSP3 amd WinMedia help, please?
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My PS3 doesn't recognise my win media player 11. Or is it that my win media player 11 doesn't recognise my PS3? Or is it my Netgear Gateway? Do I need Psp3 support, Comcast support, or WinXP support? Suddenly, a relationship with my SO hangs in the balance...

Gah, where to start?
PSP3 is online, browser working, so I assume my Netgear Gateway cg814wg.v2 is configured to my ip, as well as recognising my SSID. Running xp, btw.

But I can't get my Windows Media Player 11 to even recognise the existence of my PSP3. Or is it my ps3 isn't seeing my mediaplayer 11? Library>Media Sharing should, but doesn't offer the PSP3 as an option for sharing. And no media server is detected by the ps3. Comp hardwired to router, and ps3 wireless to router, if that helps...

I opened the ports recommended by Mediaplayer's own Help in my netgear gateway, associated it with my ps3s ip (recognised at that point) When I check out those ports on windows firewall though, at least two say these ports are in use by my own network name. Option offered to change the ip address
(from my network name to something else, ie, ps3), but is it correct or wise, to change those ports (and ip addresses associated) to the psp3's ip? Someone once said to me, you don't want to lock the door, and leave your keys inside, when referencing these kinds of changes to the system...

Our ultimate attempt is to have the ps3 accept/recognise/play media files found on computer's drives. This has been so maddening that I assume it's something so silly, and simple we haven't even thought of it, tell me we've been overthinking, please.

winxp media center edition
Service Pack 3
Netgear Gateway cg814wg.v2
Windows Media Player 11
PS3 software vers 2.43
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I had a similar problem, and it turned out that I had an old router which didn't support the UPnP protocol. I bought a new router, and then everything "just worked".

Does your Netgear router support UPnP?

One thing to try: download TVersity (a free UPnP server) and see if your PS3 can recognize that. If not, then it's probably your router.
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Best answer: According to this thread upnp doesn't appear bridge between the wireless and wired networks on your netgear gateway, though it does work if the PS3 is wired.

Opening ports in the router allows connections from the outside to the inside, so is pretty irrelevant to your problem I'm afraid. Best bet is to switch the PS3 to a wired connection, or use the netgear just as a modem and setup a wireless router with proper upnp support. I'm personally a fan of linksys routers (modded with dd-wrt) such as the wrt160n or wrt54gl.
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