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Primary care doctor in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, PA?

I live in squirrel hill, part of the UPMC health plan - just need a good PCP for regular checkups. I have no real medical problems; young guy in my mid-twenties. Any recs or particular offices to avoid?
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While I hope someone here can give you a recommendation, the Pittsburgh LiveJournal community is very active and usually very helpful with random questions pertaining to the area. Even if you've never used LiveJournal before I'm sure it would take only a few minutes to create an account and ask over there.
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Donna Knupp! She's great--my whole family goes to her. Great staff too.
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Dr. Knupp may be hard to get appointments with--she was when I tried, but I am happy with Dr. Recalde, and he works in the same office.
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Live journal had basically the same question up there today. . . went with Dr. Jodi Strauss, fyi. Thanks for the responses
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Hope Dr. Strauss works out for you. If not, feel free to MeFiMail me. I know my partner had a doctor he really liked when we lived in Greenfield. I can't remember the name, but can ask him if you still need someone later on. He was in the medical building on the corner of Forbes and Shady, across the street from the Boston Market, for however helpful that may be. He has an unwieldy Russian name.
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