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If you were going to Washington, DC for a week and were the kind of person who likes to do the museum thing by day and go out to eat/drink/merry at night, where would you stay? I'm headed down there Mon-Thur next week and have no clue
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It is easy enough to get around by using the subway, so location is not that big of a deal (although the subways close at midnight on weekdays, so that is a consideration). The Dupont area is near many good restaurants and is not far from Adams Morgan, if that strip of bars and restaurants is your thing. It is also just a short hop to the Mall and the various museums lining it. Woodley Park, which is just one stop up from Dupont, would also suffice for the same reasons.
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I'd suggest the Jurys International Hotel right on Dupont Circle.

I have drinks in their bar all the time.
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Best answer: There are many hotels in the downtown area. Dupont Circle is a good area to look. It's on the Red Line (subway) and will get you to the Smithsonian on the National Mall pretty easily. It also has a lot of places to eat. But it also depends on what you want to pay for a hotel room.

If I may suggest, make sure you go to the Smithsonian American Art Museum. It's off the Mall, near Chinatown (Red Line: Gallery Place). It's across from the Spy Museum. (full disclosure: I work there).
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Best answer: Also, check out the Tabard Inn. Its a gem.
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I'm a fan of the DC Kimpton Hotels, but many think they are too "overdone hipster".

Wherever you stay, be sure to check it out on a map first. I always feel sorry for the folks I see commuting in from the "Capitol Hotel Whatever" which is actually way out in BF Virginia or Maryland.
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Response by poster: Thanks, people. I went with two nights at the Tabard Inn, and two more at the Beacon Hotel. Everything is booked everywhere else. I have four places to visit on my agenda already, but I'll try and swoop by the Smithsonian American Art Museum.
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Be sure to eat at the American Indian Museum if you like good food. I didn't much care for the museum, but I make it a point to eat there when I'm in the area.
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The National Building Museum is a nifty place to check out - the museum building is gorgeous and exhibitions fascinating. And it also isn't packed like the museums on the Mall tend to be. Reviews.

Hotel Monaco is in Penn Quarter, which has a ton of restaurants and is convenient to everything. Poste is in the same building as the hotel and is a yummy place to eat or get a drink.

Also, try to make it to Alexandria if you can (via Metro Blue or Yellow). Old Town is a charming neighborhood to walk around in and there are some great restaurants in the area.

Welcome to the Capital!
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Definitely somewhere around DuPont circle or Adams Morgan.
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Although I've only had lunch in its restaurant, the Harrington is centrally located and since it's old and popular with groups on field trips, I've always assumed it's kinda cheap.
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Harrington is perfectly located. Near lots of great stuff.

It's also perfect for the person who is out all day seeing museums and then out all night on the town. Because it's not the type of hotel that you hang out in to experience the amenities.
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All of your non-museum fun will be happening in Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle and Capitol Hill (and, if you're rich as hell, Georgetown).

I tend to prefer staying near, but not in the midst of, the heart of DC. The Metro has you covered no matter where you stay, so I recommend something in Crystal City (Marriott), or any number of options in Alexandria, VA.
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