How can I copy games and game demos from a PS3 to USB?
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How do you copy downloaded games and game demos from the PS3 hard drive to a USB stick? Because unless I've missed something painfully obvious, I can't see a way to do this from within the XMB.
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When I copy savegames to a USB stick, I select the item I want to copy, then press Triangle, select "Copy", then choose the stick drive as the destination. If this isn't available in the XMB, it means that the item is copy protected and that they don't want you moving it around.

Also, are you trying to copy the demo after it's been installed? Once it's been installed, it's spread out in several places in the OS. Maybe try copying the demo when it's still a singular package instead of a fully installed program.
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Best answer: Unfortunatly it's not like the Wii. You can't copy installed or downloaded games, for the reasons that Dr Suarez mentioned. (And because Sony doesn't want you to.)

However you can re-download them from the store at any time. A friend sold his PS3, then bought a new one a few months later, and was able to re-download all of the games he had bought from the Playstation store by simply signing in.

If your problem is not having enough storage space, installing a larger hard drive is pretty easy and won't even void your warranty.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your help all.
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