Why does my Macbook keep crashing?
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I have a 1 year old macbook which keeps freezing for no apparent reason. When it happens a message appears saying I have to restart the computer by holding down the power button. It started happening after I set up a 3G internet connection but I guess that's probably a coincidence. I can't think of anything else that could have caused it. Any ideas?
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Sounds like you're getting a kernel panic, that fact that it coincides with your setting up a 3G internet connection is probably the culprit.
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Kernel panics can be a sign of impending hardware issues, for example a failing hard drive or logic board. It's hard for non-hardware related problems to cause them.

How did you set up the 3G internet connection?
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Likely to be caused by the 3G connection. Kernel panics can be caused by software too, especially if related to hardware or low-level system tasks. Do you connect your phone via bluetooth? Are other bluetooth devices working without issues? Did you ever upgrade the ram?
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A 3g modem might have installed a kernel extension, which can definitely cause kernel panics. I'd try uninstalling the 3G or seeing if there are updated drivers available from the manufacturer of the modem.
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The 3G is worth looking at.

Another possibility: if you have aftermarket RAM, remove that chip and see if it still crashes. Some brands of RAM are less reliable. A friend just had that happen with an iMac. Constant kernal panic. She took out the 2nd RAM chip, and it went away completely. She bought a new chip in its place.
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It started happening after I set up a 3G internet connection but I guess that's probably a coincidence.

Whenever someone's computer starts crashing, and they say, "it started when I installed X, but I don't think it's that," it's almost always X.
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I have no idea about what these guys are talking about but if it turns out to be a hardware issue and you're out of warranty you could still try and taking it to a mac support store. I got a macbook last year and the HD crashed after two months, I took it into the store and the guys didn't even ask anything excpet for my name and phone number, no questions on whether or not I had a warranty or not. They don't care, they get reimbursed by mac either way so if you got some cool employees it's worth a shot.
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Response by poster: If it is the 3G am I damaging the computer by keeping it installed or will it be completely back to normal when I remove it? I'm moving to a place with broadband on Sunday so I only need the 3G until then and in the mean time I'm not doing anything important with the mac so the freezes themselves aren't a huge problem.
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If you look at the top-level Library/Logs folder, there may be a "panic.log" which may tell you what component of the system is causing the hang.
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