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Where can I go to watch Thursday's VP debate in Austin, TX?

Normally I loathe debates. However, with Palin involved, Thursday's VP debate will be, how shall I say, different. And I want to be around other people as I watch.

Who in Austin is having a VP debate watching event? Bonus points if everyone is there for the same reasons I am.
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Look it up in this official database. (warning: sound starts playing automatically)
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The Alamo is a safe bet. Beer, queso and politics, a perfect evening. I think the one up north hosts it as well. Reserve your seat! Even though it's "free" it will "sell" out.
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Shoot, pokeedog beat me to the suggesting the Alamo Drafthouse. So, seconding!
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My boss told me about the Alamo shows yesterday, but he indicated (correctly) that they had sold out long ago.
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I stand corrected: Lake Creek still has a few spots open. Huzzah!
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Austinist has a big rundown of places.
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