Two people standing in seperate rowboats holding hands.
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Trying to find a photo of two people standing in seperate rowboats holding hands in the middle of a lake.

The picture was in Life magazine in an edition with great photos from that year. The photographer or artist also has some with squirrles being swept under a carpet. The magazine came out somewhere between 1990 and 2004. I know there is a website with the artists works on it that include the photo I'm talking about.
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Geof Kern. The rowboat photo is named "Trust Me". He won an Eisenstaedt Award for it in 1999. The squirrel photo is here.

Life Magazine Special Issue - Still Life & Illustration: (cached because Life took the page down) April 15, 2000. Page 112:

Geof Kern TRUST ME JOE|NUMBER 1, 1999

Some photographers welcome the surprises that accident and improvisation bring to a shoot. For others the idea is all: Snapping the picture is simply a last, necessary, even anticlimactic step in executing a concept. Assigned to create a photo essay with trust as its theme for the premier issue of a magazine distributed at Starbucks shops, Dallas photographer Geof Kern wrote down familiar statements on the subject, drew sketches about how to illustrate them, then called on friends and family members to pose for his witty tableaux. For We Trust Our Friends with Our Secrets, five real-life friends of the photographer--four dressed in evening clothes, one dressed in nothing--dine at a restaurant table; We Trust Blindly is a closeup of one of Kern's teenage daughters, her eyes covered by her sister's hands. The photographer himself posed for the rowboat picture (opposite) with his wife, Debra. Kern's way of working--the storyboard sketches, the meticulous choice of sets and locations-- owes a debt to a past passion: In his twenties he set out to direct films but balked at the collaborative nature of the process. Kern also resists explaining his sometimes oblique work. "I'd rather not put words into my pictures."
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