What to replace the Chicago Tribune With?
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Recommend an alternative to my Chicago Tribune subscription.

I thought I'd give the new Chicago Tribune a week before I decided to continue my 30 year subscription but the new Tribune is so bad I'm going to make the move after only two days. It's too dumbed down for me.

I want to replace the Tribune with better newspaper that can be delivered for about the same price. I was thinking the NYT but it's pricey at $14 a week.
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I was thinking the NYT but it's pricey at $14 a week.

But worth it compared to the shit I've seen in other US papers.

Do you have a friend at work or in your building with whom you could split the cost? The one of you who is more concerned with immediacy pays X bucks to get it first. The other one pays Y bucks to read it a day or two late but for keeps. If you were more concerned with depth and quality than with immediacy, getting it cheap but a day or two late could be just right, especially if you got to keep the Sunday magazine and book review and so on to slowly browse. Maybe you know someone who already subscribes and who would be willing to let you pay for a slightly late paper.

Or just cancel, save a lot of paper, and start reading your news entirely online. Maybe with the money you save, you could pay for an online subscription to a good journal or two that you couldn't otherwise afford.
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We switched from the Tribune to the NYT (weekdays only). Worth every penny - we'll still pick up the Tribune on Sundays once in a while since the sheer volume of the paper means there will be a least one or two things to read.
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You could get the Economist or some other weekly magazine. The Economist is so hefty it takes me about a week to read anyway - if I manage to get through it at all.
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If you pay by credit card, you can get M-F NYT home delivery, 12 weeks @ $3.40/wk., or weekday & weekend delivery for $6.70/wk.

When the deal runs out (and before they autobill you the full price) call the subscription department, ask to cancel due to the pending price increase, and see what their counter-offer is.
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I want to replace the Tribune with better newspaper that can be delivered for about the same price.

Seems in this day and age you can't actually do that. There just aren't that many options in regards to newspapers anymore. I agree that the NY Times is worth the expense.
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I think the Washington Post is about the same price as the Tribune. It's a pretty good paper; good political coverage and ok international (although I'm sure someone here could cherrypick some bad stories to post -- the same could be said of the NYTimes). Plus, unlike the Times, it has comics! It's Sunday Magazine isn't as good as the Times's, and it goes without saying that crossword is easier. But it's a pretty solid paper; I usually alternate between the Post and the Times.

I think the Economist is a great weekly, and I know they call themselves a newspaper. But, I want in-depth pieces about fashion, the arts, sports and education alongside in-depth pieces on financial collapses, and the Economist just doesn't deliver that in the way a daily newspaper can.

However, I do all my reading online. The guilt at not reading every single page of the Post was getting to me (I can't just throw the Sports section in the recycling bin without having opened it!).
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I'm pretty sure Chicago is not in the Washington Post's circulation area. They may have a national scope, but for circulation purposes, they are (or at least were until very recently, if this is no longer the case) a metro newspaper. You couldn't even get it delivered to Baltimore until five years ago.
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The WaPo won't get delivered to you in Chicago. The (expensive) alternative is to order a mail subscription, meaning the paper would be sent by mail from D.C. and arrive a few days after publication. It's about $1000/year.
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The Christian Science Monitor is also a national newspaper, published 5 times/week. It's sparse, though.

The Wall Street Journal can be had for only $100/year and you can often find the Financial Times (great publication!) for $100 on EBay (it's $298 at full price).
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I'm pretty sure Chicago is not in the Washington Post's circulation area.

Oh, dear, I didn't even think to check this. My friend in NYC gets the Post, but I think he must just pay the exorbitant mailing fees. The WSJ isn't bad; it's what my roommate gets. The editorial page just makes me too angry, but the general reporting is fine.
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I agree the Trib and SunTimes have become unreadable but the WaPo is unavailable to you and the NYT is more expensive. I'm a huge fan of the NYT though, even the national edition, which is basically missing half of the paper, and am convinced that it won't take more than a week for you to fall for the paper. you an also grab the NYT at basically any starbucks in town, which is a nice way to try it out.

You could get a very decent paper in the WSJ but that is (a) more expensive and (b) does not report on as a wide array of topics as the NYT does.
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are you hellbent on reading a printed publication? everything mentioned before me can be had for free online (except wsj.com's main features).

the digital alternative is a subscription to pressdisplay.com they have over 700 newspapers in their directory. If you go to my recent interview at metaprinter.com and scroll to the bottom of it I give a code that will allow a free unlimited trial subscription. Definitely worth checking out and it may give you a better idea of which paper you would like to read day in and day out.


Robert Ivan
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A couple of weeks ago I cancelled the Tribune and signed up for the NYT because they indicated they deliver to my 60073 zip code. The day after that, I received an e-mail from the NYT stating that they don't actually deliver in my neighborhood. As an alternative they suggested I might want to sign up for an on-line version.

A few days later, I came back from a morning jog and there was a NYT sitting in my driveway and I've been getting it ever since! And it's sooooo much better than the Tribune even before the Tribune was dumbed down. Reading the NYT is like reading a magazine every day. I'm just elated with how this turned out. After 30 years of reading the Tribune everyday, what a milestone this is for me to be reading the NYT everyday instead.
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