How do I set the correct time on my Accurist watch?
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I have an Accurist chronograph watch that I bought about 5 years ago and every so often it insists that the date is invalid and jumps forwards one month and one day. Before I dump it in the bin and buy a decent watch, can you help me set it correctly?

A picture of my watch is here. It’s over 5 years old but the layout looks to be the same as the ones on the Accurist website and sold today. I don't have a model number.

It comes with three dials, the middle one sets the mode (TME, CHR, LTM and ALM), the top left shows the hours and the top right shows a 10 segment dial. The watch itself has 2 buttons (top left and bottom left) and a dial (middle left).

This morning I woke to find that the watch was set to 31st October. I dutifully pulled out the middle wheel one click and it showed me (via the second hand) that the month was October. So I pushed the top left button to advance it back to September and then spun the wheel so that the date rolled around to the 1st and then onwards until the 30th. I then pushed back in the wheel.

At that point the watch increased the day by 1 (to the 31st) and shifted the month to October before going back to displaying the correct time. This, according to the manual (which I’ve lost but wasn’t that much help) means the watch believes that the date is invalid.

I’ve tried setting the month first and then going back and setting the date, but the latter causes it to shift forward again. Googling gives me no answer. I’ve put the device into the Accurist Service Centre twice and every time they come back with “no fault found” and the watch set to the correct date. No-one will tell me how they did it.

Does anyone have any idea on how to get this watch to actually set the correct date?

(The fallback solution is to just wait until tomorrow and then re-set the watch to the correct date, but having paid a lot of money for the watch, I’m not particularly happy that it doesn’t do the job correctly.)
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You can try setting it to the 29th and run the hands around 12 or 24 hours til it gets to the 30th.
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Sadly running the hands past midnight doesn't shift the date to the next day.
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