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Help! Can't get internet to work - Palm Treo 700W (flashed, originally Verizon) on Cricket.

Hello all. Once again, it seems like I might have better luck with the hivemind than with corporate drones. My situation is this: I've just purchased a Palm Treo 700W from another Cricket user (she upgraded to a different model, no problems with the Palm), and everything on the phone is working (calling, messaging, windows mobile functions), except for the internet. When I try to connect via the built in Internet Explorer, it indicates that the username/password is incorrect. Looking at the details, the phone is dialing #777, username (myphonenumber), password (same as login to through main computer to manage account), domain I've also tried a password of "cricket" and have tried leaving the domain blank, based on a couple of other forum posts I've stumbled across. No luck.

I tried taking the phone back to the cricket store to get the appropriate settings; the people there stated they did not have this information and that this should have been taken care of by the (non-Cricket) service that flashed the phone. Here's my confusion on that - firstly, it's a username/password to Cricket; how would an outside service know what this is, and why would Cricket not know? Secondly, my understanding of the flash process is that this is analogous to flashing the bios on your computer; basically just updating the bootstrap program on the phone's EEPROM. Individual account settings would not be part of this. Thirdly, the phone had already been flashed (to the tune of $120) by the prior user and was fully working; the Cricket employees seemed to feel that it would be necessary to reflash the phone to get things working.

Now, I'm not entirely opposed to that idea, if it's necessary, but $120 is a whole lot of money (more than I paid for the phone) for essentially just loading a file that I'm probably capable of loading myself, if I had a source for the file.

So, bottom line, if there's anyone out there in the know that could tell me what the appropriate settings would be, where I might set the username/password on the cricket website if necessary, whether or not re-flashing the phone would even be relevant, and/or where I might get the appropriate files to flash the phone, preferably for a lot less than $120. I live in Portland, Oregon, if it's relevant.

Thanks all!
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You might try searching / asking here:
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IIRC, the CDMA phones aren't like the GSM ones - Changing providers usually requires a fair bit of file-level mangling, mainly because the phones are built assuming that they're never going to do it.

These guys say they can do it for $50.
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