How do I change the owner of a domain name?
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A friend is buying a website that I've built, as well as the domain name. He's taken possession of the actual site (i.e., the software that runs it), so now I need to make him the owner of the domain. How do I do it?

I've been googling like crazy for "sell a domain" and "transfer a domain", but neither of these seem like they describe what I'm trying to do. The worst part is that searching for terms like these inevitably yields me a bunch of spammy results.

If anybody could give me some concise instructions on what to do here, I'd be most grateful :)

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You have to do it through the registrar you used to register the name in the first place. You should be able to change at least some of the info yourself through the control panel. You may have to have the registrar change some of it.
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where's your domain registered? some registrars make it really easy to shift a domain from one account to another, others will only allow you to completely transfer the domain away.
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