How to setup caller id for Skype? (I have a monthly subscription).
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How to setup caller id for Skype? (I have a monthly subscription).

I have a subscription to Skype (3 dollars per month, unlimited to Canada and US), so to call landlines and cell phones, I don't need to by Skype Credit - I have already paid for it. Right?

However, I cannot change my Caller Identification number, because Skype wants me to add credit first. Why? Is it actually only possible for people who pay per use, but not for subscription users? Or am I doing something wrong?
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It's definitely available for monthlies, as I use it. It might just be a bug in their system, try adding $0.01 and trying again. What OS are you on?
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I am on Vista. When I try to add SkypeCredit, it tries to force me to add 14.00 minimum. I wonder how it picked 14 dollars, and why I can't change it.
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Wait wait wait. You can have it show your caller ID number? Where is THAT setting? We've got the yearly plan, and we always show as 000000 or 1234...
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Go into "View Account" and then you'll see "Caller Identification". You put your desired # in there and it sends a text message with a code to that #. You put the code into Skype and 24 hours later, when you make calls from Skype, your number will show up on caller ID. I think you also have the option of turning it off per call if you want. I just started using it and it's pretty cool.
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FlyByDay, did you have any money in your Skype Credit? Are you on a subscription plan? I find it baffling that I cannot find anyone on the Skype forums (or anywhere using Google) who has this problem. I sent a message to Skype support; we'll see if they respond.
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