What is the name for this style of art?
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Is there a name for this style of digital art?

Characteristics: vector-based; floral; one-color silhouettes on colorful backgrounds

Seems like it was a lot more popular around 2005-2006. Searching for "floral" brings up a lot of them, so that may be the best descriptor, but is there an official name for it?

Bonus points if you know of any designers or clothing companies that design primarily in this style, and do it well.
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I've only ever heard of it referred to as "vector art" (mostly deviant art, etc) --because, as you said, it's vector based.
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No clue on the name but there were a bunch of these shirts in H&M the other day.
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On istockphoto, this is mainly part of a floral/splatter/graffiti/collage style tagged vaguely as "grunge"
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Overuse of photoshop brushes?

Otherwise, grunge and/or vector.
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They're made using photoshop brushes. a couple of the ones you linked to use these Japanese Foliage brushes from designfruit. Not sure what it might be called, but I'd say something like vector silhouettes.
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