Looking for a Spanish ad.
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Help me locate a Spanish-language political ad.

A couple of years back in the Year's Best Ads compilation that comes out of the Cannes Advertising Festival, there was a political television commercial from an election in Latin America.

It was white text on a black screen with a voiceover reading the text, and (I believe) each line was highlighted as it was read aloud. The text was remarkably pessimistic in tone, talking about corruption, economic difficulties and so forth. This progressed through a dozen or fifteen lines before reaching the last line, which was "But we can turn it around."

The highlighting began moving back upwards line by line, with the voiceover again reading each line from bottom to top: clauses were thus rearranged, modifiers had new antecedent and so on, and the text now spoke of optimism and opportunities.

Can anyone steer me the text, or better yet, a link to the ad itself?
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It would help if you could cite the country at which the ad was directed.
posted by watercarrier at 1:14 AM on September 29, 2008

Response by poster: I would if I knew. Sorry.
posted by ricochet biscuit at 5:20 AM on September 29, 2008

Best answer: Lopez Murphy for President.

Just searched for Cannes Lions 2003-2006 and found it when I got to 2006.
posted by JJ86 at 8:41 AM on September 29, 2008

Response by poster: That looks to be it: thanks, JJ.
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