Volunteer/work/study programs for toursits in Israel?
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Things for a Canadian teen to do in Israel? (lots and lots more inside)

My friend is 17. He's out of high school already and killing time for the next few months. He is here from Canada and did a two-week Sar-El volunteer program, and he's looking for something to do for the next little while (either work, volunteer or study) to keep himself occupied. His Hebrew is very, very basic. We've looked at several ulpans but most of them are either religious, summer-only, or extremely expensive (one in Netanya looked great but it's 5,000 USD if he wants to board and almost 2,000 if he's just studying there.)
I also know there are many websites dedicated to volunteer programs in Israel but the ones that take place right now are mostly 18+ and the ones that are open to younger people generally take place in the summer.

Any help would be appreciated! Phone numbers, websites, general ideas or anything else.

תודה רבה על העזרה :) אנחנו ממש תקועים בלי רעיונות...
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Where is he now geographically in Israel and what is he interested in pursuing as a career? Is he interested in anything altruistic in particular - like a cause, animals, would he be open to helping the elderly at a nursing home? Does he have any talents he could share with the less fortunate in the hospitals or in group home settings for children?
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Did you try any of these?
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I'm not sure if Livnot U'lehibanot offers programs for kids that young, but it would be worth looking at. They run some great volunteerism oppotunities in Israel, and if they can't help you, I'd bet they could make a good referral.
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-volunteer on a kibbutz
-volunteer on an archaeological dig (likely hard to get into and non-free)
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-החברה להגנת הטבע (probably non-free)
-if he's interested, he could look for Israeli-Palestinian youth programs. I found this (site seems under construction but they seem to have a volunteer-work program). They're likely to use English as a common language.
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i work with an organization in jerusalem that is constantly on the look out for great volunteers and interns. they do great work, are completely grass-roots, and interns actually get to *do* interesting things. send me a private message or email if you want me to connect your friend or tell you more.
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