A question for NY iPhone owners
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NY iPhone owners: How's the reception in Queens (Astoria/LIC) and what's the bill once all the taxes etc. are included?

I'm thinking of getting an iPhone with 900 min and $5 of SMS, so Att's charges would be $95/month.

From what I found online ~23% tax is added in NYC, but I just checked my Verizon bill and it was more like 30%. If you have the above plan does your bill come out to ~$116/month? I tried calling Att and they were (unsurprisingly) unable to tell me.

Last, I live and work in Astoria/LIC so I wanted to find out if the reception is OK in those areas.
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Reception is good from what a friend with an iPhone via AT&T, I would say more about the bills, but he had a cheaper plan, and wasn't sure which was tax vs. data/talk charges.
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I just moved out of northern Astoria, but the reception was routinely great. Four to five bars everywhere I went in the area.
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FYI- You can avoid the high NY cell phone taxes by sending your bill to another state. You could for example, have a 212 number and have your bill sent to Nevada and save 15.08% in taxes. I noticed this when I had my cell phone bill sent to my automatic bill pay service in the midwest. It's not the area code but rather it's the location where your bill is sent that counts.
Cell phone taxes by state
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