Itchy Butt = Jock Itch?
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My rear end itches. Could it be jock itch?

A few months ago I had my first case of jock itch. My first clue was, well, the itching, and the distinct discoloration of the skin between my legs. I self-diagnosed via a handy description of what jock itch is and what it looks like from some website, bought some Tinactin, and my problem cleared up! Hoorah!

But now, life has thrown me a curveball: I have an itchy butt. Specifically, an itch in the gluteal cleft (sounds better than butt crack but I doubt any of you will have any clue what I'm talking about). And after about a week of itching, I figured it was about time I consulted people who are not my doctor, and might not even have any medical training.

I've read a few related AskMe's, and its not relegated solely to the anus, its also above (ends right about where I can feel my tailbone), and just a tiny bit below.

I've read talks of worms, hemorrhoids, even cancer (everything on WebMD is cancer). I just want to know, is there a good chance this is just displaced jock itch? Can I use the same cream I used from my previous case? I don't think there's a rash, but then again I'm... sort of a hairy guy, so, I couldn't really say for sure.

I've also moved back to school recently and started using their tree bark which they refer to as toilet paper, if you think that could factor in at all. Another factor is that I'm once again sharing toilets with the guy who I'm pretty sure led to my original case of jock itch. Could be a coincidence, I guess, but I am definitely not ruling it out.

Thanks for looking after my butt, AskMe!
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Try a medicated powder like Gold Bond. Moisture and chafing are enough to cause itching and irritation.
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Warning: pilonidal cyst could be ahead.
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If you buy hydrocortisone cream for itch, it specifically talks about how you can use it for anal itching, so I'm assuming itching in the butt crack is not uncommon.

If you did irritate the area using rough toilet paper, it's possible that the itch comes from it healing.

You could also buy your own TP and see if that helps.
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The same thing pretty much happened to my SO. From previous, horrifically disgusting experience (memail if you want the details--his started out the same way as yours), just go to the doctor. It's not an emergency, but it could be anything from jock itch again to MRSA, and you'll most likely need skin tests and antibiotics. If anything, the doc will give you some awesome prescription anti-itch cream. Our doctor said most of the people with really disgusting skin infections that he's seen have it in their butt, mostly because they wait until they can't take it any more (much like my SO did).
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As a pharmacist and a frequent sufferer of fungal skin infections I am pretty confident your doctor would say it's jock itch. A shocking number of human maladies are fungal skin infections - jock itch, athlete's foot, vaginal yeast infections, some diaper rashes. People get itchy yeast infections when their bare thighs rub together in summertime, or in folds of skin. There was a recent askmefi where someone talked about "bartender's rot" causing itchy fingers. If it's warm and moist, the fungi love it. Hello, gluteal cleft.

The prescription ketoconazole cream you'd likely get is really not so different from the OTC antifungal creams that contain clotrimazole, miconazole, or terbinafine. People are really wary of using a cream labeled for feet on any other part of the body, but it's all the same stuff. These antifungals come in different forms - powders, sprays, creams, liquid. They're all fine to use. The cream is best because it stays on the skin really well.

I'd just use an athlete's foot cream like lamisil for a couple days. If it feels better, great. Keep using the cream for several days AFTER you think the problem is gone, to make sure you kill all the fungus. If it doesn't improve or gets worse, then go to the doctor before it gets really bad. It could be something other than fungus. Our pediatrician told us about a kid who got "strep butt" and ended up with an itchy rear. But your recent jock itch makes fungus very likely, so I'd try treating that at home first.

Oh, and I'd probably keep some of the spray stuff around and use it on everyfuckingthing in the bathroom that other guy touches, but hey, that's just me.
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If it were pinworms it would mostly be right at the anus. If it's elsewhere in the butt crack, I might suggest wiping better as if you eat spicy foods the remnants can irritate the skin in there if allowed to stay (I speak from experience). If that's not it I'd then escalate to some of the suggestions above.
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Instant relief, get some Witch Hazel, some decent TP (Charmin Ultra), wipe dry first, then moisten TP with Witch Hazel and clean. Rinse, repeat......
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Swamp ass, monkey butt, bayou a very common problem for guys who don't shower
after working out.

Buy Lotrimin IB, put a tiny dollop on the end of your index finger, and take the plunge. Multiple applications until the redness/itchiness goes away.
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