Help me fix this tendinitis...with needles?
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Can anyone recommend a good acupuncturist in the New York metro area? Stamford, CT environs also possible, but I have no car.

I recently received my first acupuncture treatment in San Francisco, felt what might be the first inklings of success, and am hoping to continue in New York after I move back home this weekend. Can anyone recommend a good acupuncturist, particularly someone who could treat tendinitis, in the (preferably) New York or (possibly) Stamford, CT area? A zillion bonus points if they happen to accept BlueCross insurance - I know that's a long shot.

Backstory: I've been battling Achilles tendinitis in my left ankle for about 5 years. I used to run competitive long distance, one of my life's great passions, but overtrained and never received proper rehab. For a while, I simply gave up running, as my last ortho said "I think it'd be better if you never ran again," and my parents discouraged me from having "expensive surgery with a 50% success rate." When I do try to run these days, I have to stop after 2-3 20 minute runs spread out over several days due to recurring sharp pain. It has been a life changing, incredibly painful journey, and I've never found anything that' really fulfilled me the way running did. Hoping acupuncture can help me, as I've read some success stories. Other suggestions welcome, too.

Thank you.
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Best answer: I haven't used this guy personally, but my close friend has for sports injuries. She recommended him to me: Noran Malouf and he's on W 26th.
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Best answer: I go to the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. You can be treated by an intern ($40) or a doctor ($50). I have been going there for the past 3 months. It's not fancy, it's like a doctor's office. I have had great results.

Also, if you're a student they have a discount.
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