Am I stuck with AT&T?
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Am I stuck with AT&T? Comcast looks just as bad. Are there any ISPs in Chicago where I can get internet with a little bit of accountability?

I moved three months ago. Before moving I had a conversation with AT&T and did the whole passing the phone back and forth thing with my roommate to arrange a "Change of Name and Responsibility" from my name into his. I made clear my intention to start new service at my new studio apartment. Which was started with a little trouble but never mind that. Now, three months after my move, I am getting bills for my previous apartment. I called them up and after the traditional half-hour wait on hold I talked with an agent who told me that my roommate hadn't filled out a credit application. Ok, so I call him up, he calls them and it turns out they had it but they just hadn't "processed" it. They process it and now bills are coming in his name to my new apartment. Now I can't even get ahold of anyone at AT&T. The past two times I've called I have ended up on hold for more than an hour without a response. I'm really sick of dealing with this and I would be very happy to move to another company if I knew there were agreeable alternatives where I'm not left feeling violated by every transaction. Do you know of any? And as a bonus, how do I go about making sure these unpaid bills don't screw up my credit, if they haven't already?
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*biased remark*

I've always liked comcast, even if they are retarded. Best of the worst i suppose.

Then again I hate at&t with insane rage. Like hitting my head with a hammer sounds more fun.
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Your only other option for cable is RCN. I have no idea if they have any more accountability, and they're not available everywhere in the city.
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Speakeasy has some of the best customer service, but it costs a lot more.
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Comcast is terrible, my girlfriend has been trying to cancel her phone and tv service and keep internet, and comcast keeps billing her for all 3, despite promising to remove the other two services. On top of that, they won't own up to their mistakes, and keep trying to bill her for $400 she doesn't owe.
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@Oktober - another one of my former roommates had the exact same situation. When I moved into my last place all I heard from him was how he called them time and again and he still kept receiving bills
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If RCN is an option for you, I'd suggest going with them over Comcast. I didn't live in the city long, but RCN never screwed me over. Comcast, on the other hand, has repeatedly screwed me over in two states now. I hate them as much as it is possible to hate a company.
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If the new bills showing up in the old roomate's name are for the old DSL telephone number and that telephone number is still active at the old address, then you should give the bills to your old roomate since they are for service that your old roomate is receiving the benefit of. Then it's up to your roomate to have the billing address changed.
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I would actually suggest just escalating the situation. I am a former AT&T employee, and unfortunately customer service has just been getting worse and worse because they lay off employees etc. But, if you're right, Comcast is just as bad.

Here are some suggestions:

1) Call you local PUC and file a complaint. They respond very quickly to those complaints.
2) Call the CEO's office. They will deal will the problem quickly. 210-351-5401 was a number I found online.

Good luck.
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