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Chinese translation question: 1.2 台幣每字 translates into "1.2 dollar per character" via Babelfish. What is it really? 1.2 yuan per word? Or something else? What is this likely to be in USD?
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my friend who knows Chinese says the following:
"i would translate that into, every character is 1.2 tai bi
台幣 - tai bi - the taiwanese currency (台 for taiwan) (幣 means currency or money)
每 mei - every
字 - character, or word"

good luck
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台幣 is the Taiwan NT

Currently - Taiwan Dollar 32.01800 per USD
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Thank you!
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Sorry for the offtopic intrusion, but this seems the apt place to put it.

In the question and replies above, instead of seeing Chinese font characters, I see boxes with 4 Roman characters in them, in a 2x2 format. I'm using Firefox 3 on XP SP2. What do I do to correctly display these characters? Thanks, and again, sorry.
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Gyan, you might need to install the East asian language fonts under Control Panel -> Regional Settings
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